Information about free-shelter

How it works

How it works

Here is how free-shelter works:

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  Add a new shelter

A host lists a new shelter. As a host please keep in mind that this is what refugees will first read about you. Here is some advice:

  • Describe your shelter
  • Emphasize on any rules, availability or risks of the shelter you are providing

If you already have happy guests you can invite them to join free-shelter and share their experience in the public discussion on your shelter page.
Add a new shelter

  Review by free-shelter

Each new shelter might be reviewed by free-shelter before being approved. However, we do not guarentee that we will review every listing. If we do so, we might delete the listing, if it does not meet the criteria for a save stay, if it's spam or advertisement of a for-profit organization or if it could lead to bad experience for refugees.

If your shelter meets these criteria free-shelter will approve the listing. Otherwise, we will give you feedback on how to improve the listing. However, we are not responsible to inform you or give you feedback in such cases.

  Search for hosts

On free-shelter every refugee can become a guest. First, you need to find a host who you like. You can either use the search bar or the filters on the landing page. Search for hosts  

  Become a guests

The guest can show interest in a shelter and contact the host by clicking on "Book a stay". Each shelter is unique and free-shelter gives the chance to both sides to communicate and agree on the terms of the stay but the host should guarantee to the guest that it is save and for free. free-shelter does not monitor the listings and does not take responsibility for the listings. Please note that free-shelter acts only as a facilitator and does not carry any legal responsibility for agreements between hosts and guests.


The host confirms the stay of the guest only if it is a good match. In this case, the host needs to make sure that the free use of the shelter is taken into account. Especially, if the host is a hotel, hostel or service apartments, it should take care that the booking system and the receptionists are informed about the free stay of the refugees in order to avoid misunderstandings.  

  Benefits for pilot clients and early adopters

The guest keeps his right to leave the shelter earlier and the host respectively has the right to cancel the stay of the guest if he is concerned about risks of scams, safety risks, breaching of his rules for stay or any other reasonable reasons.